class State

This is a WebGL state, and is is passed to PIXI.StateSystem.

Each mesh rendered may require WebGL to be in a different state. For example you may want different blend mode or to enable polygon offsets

Public Properties

blend State.ts:37
blend: boolean = true

Activates blending of the computed fragment color values.

blendMode State.ts:139

The blend mode to be applied when this state is set. Apply a value of PIXI.BLEND_MODES.NORMAL to reset the blend mode. Setting this mode to anything other than NO_BLEND will automatically switch blending on.

clockwiseFrontFace State.ts:122
clockwiseFrontFace: boolean = false

Specifies whether or not front or back-facing polygons can be culled.

culling State.ts:71
culling: boolean = false

Activates culling of polygons.

depthMask State.ts:105
depthMask: boolean = true

Enables or disables writing to the depth buffer.

depthTest State.ts:88
depthTest: boolean = false

Activates depth comparisons and updates to the depth buffer.

offsets State.ts:54
offsets: boolean = false

Activates adding an offset to depth values of polygon's fragments

polygonOffset State.ts:155
polygonOffset: number = 0

The polygon offset. Setting this property to anything other than 0 will automatically enable polygon offset fill.

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