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This package provides a low-level rectangular tilemap implementation, optimized for high performance rendering and a out-of-the-box canvas fallback. It's designed to work with PixiJS 6. We've migrated from pixi-tilemap to @pixi/tilemap on npm!

Installation :package:

# pixi-tilemap for older versions
npm i --save @pixi/tilemap

You can also use the UMD flavor:


In short, the tilemap you create will render each tile texture at the provided position and dimensions. Generally, a spritesheet is used to load the tileset assets:

import { Loader } from '@pixi/loaders';
import { CompositeTilemap } from '@pixi/tilemap';

Loader.shared.onLoad(function onTilesetLoaded()
    const tilemap = new CompositeTilemap();

    // Render your first tile at (0, 0)!
    tilemap.tile('grass.png', 0, 0);

CompositeTilemap is actually a lazy composite of layered Tilemap instances. A Tilemap has a fixed number of tile textures (the tileset) it can render in one go. Usually, CompositeTilemap abstracts away this limitation in a robust enough manner.

Basic demo :pen:


Settings :page_facing_up:

import { settings } from '@pixi/tilemap';


This is the limit on how many base-textures can be used in a tilemap. Using more than this limit will fail silently. CompositeTilemap gets around this by issuing new tilemaps whenever the tilemaps reach full capacity. This is 16 by default.


Here, for example, the 9th tile texture will be rendered using a fresh tilemap. You can specify a bigger value if you want everything to be on the same z-index.


@pixi/tilemap also provides a texture packing optimization - it will upload multiple tile base-textures by laying them in a 2-column format inside a larger base-texture. By default, this is disabled and TEXTILE_UNITS is set 1. The recommended value is 4, if the feature is desired.

This is old RpgMakerMV-compatible setting:

settings.TEXTILE_UNITS = 4;


There's also a limitation on 16k tiles per one tilemap. If you want to lift it, please use pixi v5.1.0 and following setting:

settings.use32bitIndex = true;


For RPGMaker MV please use v4 branch for pixi V4, npm version is 1.2.6

Please use v3 branch for pixi V3.

Canvas fallback is 5x slower than vanilla rpgmaker. Webgl version is faster and doesnt use extra textures.

RPGMaker demo

webgl: zoomin and zoomout

retina webgl: zoomin and zoomout


More tutorials :link:

Alan01252 tutorial

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