autoDetectResource(source: string | unknown, options: object) → {PIXI.Resource}

Create a resource element from a single source element. This auto-detects which type of resource to create. All resources that are auto-detectable must have a static test method and a constructor with the arguments (source, options?). Currently, the supported resources for auto-detection include:

Name Type Attributes Default Description
source string | unknown

Resource source, this can be the URL to the resource, a typed-array (for BufferResource), HTMLVideoElement, SVG data-uri or any other resource that can be auto-detected. If not resource is detected, it's assumed to be an ImageResource.

options object


Pass-through options to use for Resource

options.width number


Width of BufferResource or SVG rasterization

options.height number


Height of BufferResource or SVG rasterization

options.autoLoad boolean



Image, SVG and Video flag to start loading

options.scale number



SVG source scale. Overridden by width, height

options.createBitmap boolean



Image option to create Bitmap object

options.crossorigin boolean



Image and Video option to set crossOrigin

options.autoPlay boolean



Video option to start playing video immediately

options.updateFPS number



Video option to update how many times a second the texture should be updated from the video. Leave at 0 to update at every render

Type Description

The created resource.

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